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Carrie - posted on 04/29/2011




I am a mother of 4 I have twins that are 10, I also have an8 year old & A 19 month old baby. I had no problem breaking the twins from bottles. I woke up one day and just decided today is the day. I talk to the twins and told them they were big girls and bottles were for babies. So I aske them if they wanted to through them away. They kind of looked confused but we walked over to the trash and we threw them in one by one letting each kid have turn. Of course it was all fun and games until bed time but by day 3 they were fine and learned to love their big girls cups. When they would cry for the bottle I would walk them to the trash and say we put the bottles in the trash because we are big gilrs now and have cups. I think this heled me and them cause we all new they were gone. if they are out of the house then Mommy&Daddy cant give in when they are crying and want their bottle. i also did the same with my 3rd daughter. She was alot worst then the twins. It took her about a week and a half before she stopped asking for her bottle.She would even wake up at night asking for her bottle which she didnt do before I took them.
Not sure why with my 4th I havent done this yet. She is 19 months old . I took all 3 of my other kids off the bottle at 13months.So I guess I need to get on the ball maybe I will do this today after her nap.

Jennie - posted on 04/28/2011




Depending on the age, psychologically it is, out of sight out of mind. If you put the bottle away, high in a cupboard it should only take a few days for the child not to want it. Thats what we did with our children and it did not take long at all...I promise. Good Luck :o)

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