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my son had turned 18 in April and was accused of arson in may. my son and another boy went into an abandoned building to smoke cigerettes and caught a mattress on fire. they thought it was out and so they left the building but it kept smoldering. the building did not catch fire but there was smoke damage. my son since he is 18 will now forever have a felony on his record but the other boy who was 16 will not. he will be out of jail in 4 months but im not sure how to help him when he gets out! he suffers from extreme anxiety and had started using pot and prescription drugs to ease his anxiety! I don't know how to keep him away from this when he is out! he is my oldest of 3 children! my husband and I have been married for 20yrs and both work full time and we are considered a middle class normal family! I don't know where things went wrong! free will? defiance? I just wasn't to save him! you always say you love your kids un conditionally but hope that its never tested...mine was tested and I still love him!


Ronnierae - posted on 09/06/2014




it would have been cheaper to have the house cleaned. and had no charges filed. sounds like a pretty tough sentence for a first offense, on an 18 year old. if nothing else he is getting a taste of reality, and you may be able to talk to him as someone who is finally seeing the possibilities in his life. don't, say again don't yell, or both jump on him, you have to talk, one on one, or as a couple, please don't ask questions at the same time, it will look like your ganging up on him. you have to get in his head, not him in yours. other than that, id question the anxiety meds he is taking, and see if there is a problem there. good luck

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