breast feeding and alcohol

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+I dont know much about how much alcohol is safe in breast feeding and if you do drink whats the risk to the baby apart from being a little more tired. I have a wedding to attend this weekend my best friends wedding. Its no kids after 9pm and my daughter refuses to take a bottle (we're trying to wean but end up force feeding for hours even my child nurse cant manage to get her to drink). I was thinking maybe taking her to my mums place breast feed to sleep then come back she asked if I would be drinking I said I could probably risk it.

My baby is 6 months. How much is ok? My baby generally sleeps til 8am but no guarantees at a new house and I used to drink one here and there but now read I should only drink 1-2 per week. have some professionals tell me it probably woudlnt do any harm if I even get tipsy and breast feed and others say drink and wait an hour and its out my system


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I have actually heard your milk is only as tipsy as you are..I would pump before and save it..then a pump and dump after you can actually smell the difference...they also make test strips I found at walgreens

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One 4 oz. glass of wine, one 12 oz glass of beer, or 1 oz shot of hard liquer is all processed through the liver in about an hour's time. If you limit your alcohol intake to ONE glass, it should be out of your system after an hour. Then it should be fine to continue breastfeeding. Of course, the more you drink the longer it will take for the alcohol to be removed from your body! Hope this helps and good luck!


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Bonnie - posted on 01/11/2011




If you can pump, I would suggest pumping some milk to give your child in between. I have heard that you should try to wait at least 6 hours from the time you start your alcholic drink until you breast feed again.

Oh and I just wanted to add that you shouldn't have more than one drink during this period because the more you drink at one time, the more of a risk it is and it will take longer to get out of your system.

Kelly - posted on 01/11/2011




I didn't drink at all until I was done breatfeeding. At 6 mos. though you shold be good with a final nursing before 9 pm it is what is in the milk the next morning? For me it just wasn't worth it. Have fun without alcohol or limit yourself to a wine spritzer or two.

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