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Carla - posted on 01/03/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




I have a 2 month baby girl and when I breast feed her ,my husband likes to watch and now he want's to have some of my milk is is alright if he has some as well .


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Holly - posted on 01/03/2013




wow, we have interesting convos here on C.O.M. sometimes.... but yes as the other mothers have stated, it shouldn't harm him at all.... it actually will INCREASE your supply, your breasts produce milk as it is demanded.... the more that is drank (by baby or your husband) the more that is produced

Denikka - posted on 01/03/2013




My hubby likes breast milk and let me tell you, it can be SO much more than just a sexual thing. I've had occasional problems with engorgement, especially at night, after baby goes through a growth spurt. It's happened with both my children, and it was a blessing that hubby enjoyed it. I was so tender that I couldn't use my pump or express by hand, so it was either wake up baby and essentially force feed, or let hubby do his thing. It worked wonders :)

Some women actually pump and use their breast milk in other things, such as baking or in coffee/tea. So hubby drinking breast milk in and of itself is A)not that uncommon and B)not harmful to you, baby, or hubby.
As long as hubby likes it and you're comfortable with it, there's nothing wrong with it :)

Carla - posted on 01/03/2013




thank you for answering me ,he does have a fetish for breasts and I guess as long as it doesn't interfear with my nursing

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