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I have been exclusively breast feeding for 7.5 months now and I seem to be not producing as much as I have been. I am really worried about formula. I have given my daughter formula for the first time last night and she seemed to drink it just fine but my worry is will it give her a stomach ache? what if I need to start giving her formula on a regular basis? will she get chunky? she weighs 20lbs at 7 months

What are your thoughts? I'm also worried about all of the recalls that are out there for formula.


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You might be producing more than you realize. At 7.5 months babies are very efficient at emptyng a breast. She is probably also starting to eat more solid foods, which is the beginning of the weaning process. All commercial formula has to meet certain standards for health and safety. It is, however not as easily digested as breast milk, so her tummy might be a little out of sorts at first until she gets used to it. If you want to continue to breast feed, your milk production will go down if you continue to substitute formula. Its just supply and demand. The more you feed the more you make, the less you feed the less you make. The main thing is that your baby is healthy and she will be with either formula or breast milk. She won't become chunky on formula if you don't try to feed her more than she wants, or make her finish the last little drop in the bottle if she has shown that she is not interested. Feed her solid foods first, then give her breast milk or formula. While recalls can be scary, most baby formula is perfectly safe.


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I wouldn't give her formula unless she's not gaining weight properly.

When my son (who didn't gain a pound between 3&4 months old) was put on formula along with nursing, he had stomach aches from the formula for a while. I put him on the low-iron one and that helped. If you're supplementing, start with only 2 oz in the bottle to begin with. That way if she finishes and cries for more, you know she actually wants it, instead of just drinking it because it's there.

My son did pudge up immediately, but he was overly skinny and really needed it. He got VERY fat and round and was pretty much spherical at 9 months, but then stayed that weight and stretched out for 6 months, so I'm not sure if it was the formula or if that's just how he would have grown anyway.

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Worse case scenario if she does need formula it can take a little while for her belly to adjust and may get a little constipated. A tiny little bit of sugar water will help if it gets to that like 20 - mls with a teaspoon or less. The trick is also find a brand that works for her and stick with it don't change formula brands. Also talk to a doctor or someone about what you can do to keep up your supply.

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your breast

s may feel soft, but unless she isnt gaining weight or is fussing alot, i wouldnt worry. i go through the stage with all of mine where i dont seem to be producing much, but they all seem happy so i just take it as it comes.

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Do organic formula. Unless she has acid reflux or GERD it won't hurt her. She is a breast fed baby and healthy chunky ;) Unless your doctor get's concerned about her weight don't worry about it.

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