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Sarah - posted on 01/09/2015




As your child consumes more table food, and if you supplement at all with formula, your milk supply will decrease. You can try pumping during the day to increase your supply, pumping will not cause you to lose your milk. You may be making enough, just not feeling the heaviness you felt when your baby only nursed. Most herbal supplements and teas are not FDA regulated, so unless your doctor advises you to try them, be very cautious.

Curi - posted on 01/09/2015




you made it way farther than i did. my daughter i made it maybe a month and my son i made it about 3-4months. that pretty damn good if you ask me! you could try drinking more liquids. if your pumping i heard that that makes it dry up faster. try having the baby drink after your breasts are dry so that your body thinks you need more milk. i know there are some herbal thinks you can do but i dont know much about them. try googling your question and try different thinks that may work. hopefully some other moms have some better advice!

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