breast milk - would you buy it or drink it ?

Michelle - posted on 05/03/2011 ( no moms have responded yet )




i have had alot of conversations with people regarding human breast milk . we humans buy and consume vast quantities of cow milk . however we are the only mammal that consumes milk from another species. other mammalsdo not do this. what would you think of breast milk being available in the supermarket . would you buy it and drink it ? lets say that it does through the same processes as cows milk . its been pasteurized checked for harmful bacteria ect. i know that if breast milk were available to buy i would certainly have no problem trading in the cows milk and using it instead. it is sure to be better for us and better for our bodies .we were not made to consume cows milk . calves are made to consume cows milk . there are tonne s of women to supply this breast milk. granted it would take a lot more women to provide the amount of milk we consume each year, but it would be well worth it .we could also use this milk to feed babies of mothers that cant breast feed. i know that there are some women who already share their breast milk (they used to call them wet nurses) . whats your feed back on this idea ?

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