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I seem to be having difficulties in breastfeeding my bundle of joy ... He seems to be way to impatient and when he latches its painful I have seen a lactation specialist and he latched on in front of her but when we are at home it seems difficult and he gives me the blues any suggestions ....


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Nursing frequently will help. Express some colostrum or milk onto your nipple so he gets a taste. Use the football hold, baby under your arm on the side you are offering. You can hold his head with that hand and hold your breast with the other hand. Bring his lips up to your nipple and lightly brush them, this should cause him to open wide, quickly bring him up to your breast. His tongue should be under your nipple, and his lips should be flared out and covering a good part of your areola. You can adjust his lips with your finger, but if his latch is not good, break the seal with your finger and try again. Try to keep him suckling for ten minutes on each side. Rub his back and tap his feet to keep him awake. Change diaper and burp between sides.
Try to relax (easier said than done). Nursing is a learned art for both of you and it can be very painful. If you get sore or cracked nipples, express a few drops of milk onto your nipple after a feeding and let it air dry. Lots of skin to skin contact will help with milk letdown. Good luck!

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