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My daughter is going to be 9 months and she sleeps in our bed and still wakes up in the middle of the night to eat at least 2-3 times is that normal for a breastfeed baby? My son is 6yrs old and he was formula fed and slept through the night.


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My son slept through night and took two long naps a day in his crib. My daughter on the other hand does not sleep through the night and will not take a nap unless she naps on me as soon as i am going to put her in her crib she starts to cry before i even put her down. Same thing at night that's why she's in the bed with us.

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I always try to give her the pacifier First and she Spits it
Out and she trys to Sit so I feed her and she goes right back to sleep.
No didn't co-sleep my son he ate and went right to sleep with no problem in his crib.

Sarah - posted on 03/01/2015




While it is probably "normal" it is not necessary for her to nurse during the night. I can see how it would be pleasant for her, when she rouses, to cuddle and nurse and settle back to sleep. Did you co-sleep you son and for how long?

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