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Ok so I eventually have to go back to work... I tried my pump for the first time the other day and stopped at 4 oz which took about 7 minutes. My aunt told me I should pump for 15 to 20 minutes after I feed but I tried this last night and I got nothing but several drops... now I'm paranoid :( what should I do?


Chet - posted on 09/09/2014




Your supply is at it's highest in the early morning (like 5am or 6am) and at it's lowest in the evening. There are moms who can pump any hour of any day, but if you don't have success in the later afternoon or evening try the morning.

When I was pumping I could pump in the morning no problem, but I'd get nothing after about 1pm. I would pump first thing and get 5oz. I would pump mid morning and get 3oz. I would pump around lunch time and get 2oz. After that, I'd get so little it wasn't worth the effort to pump.

The standard recommendation that I've seen is to pump either 30-60 minutes after baby nurses, or at least an hour before the next feeding. If you get up an hour before your baby wakes in the morning and pump that should be your most successful time to pump.

HOWEVER, it's okay to experiment and do what works for you. I used to pump one side while the baby nursed on the other side. The baby nursing helps with let down. Also, a breast pump can't fully empty a breast. You can still nurse a baby on the breast that you pumped, and it will help to increase your supply so you have the overage to pump. Although, if you start pumping a fair amount on a daily basis you'll have an oversupply problem if you stop pumping abruptly.

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