Breastfeeding: help my milk production has slowed!

Jami - posted on 08/30/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




I have been breastfeeding my 5 1/2 month old son from birth and recently my milk production has dropped significantly to where I have to supplement with formula (which I hate). Is there any advice out there t increase milk production and continue breastfeeding my son?


Christy - posted on 09/02/2010




how do you know your supply has slowed? around 5 months babies become much more aware of their surroundings and become quite distractible at the breast - many women confuse this for not having enough milk. Your child could also be going through a growth spurt and wanting to nurse more. is a wealth of information on all things breastfeeding and will surely have information that will help you figure this out.

Also, just want to mention for anyone reading this is that nursing is supply and demand (the more your child nurses, the more milk you make) so if you do supplement, it is very likely to hurt your supply. If you think your supply is suffering, do not supplement, just nurse more and pump if you can too to increase your supply.


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Bernice - posted on 07/03/2016




I have been drinking an organic tea healthy nursing tea and increased my low milk supply.

Kate CP - posted on 09/02/2010




Nurse, then pump, then nurse and pump some more. Drink plenty of fluids, cut back on caffeine (it dehydrates you) and try to relax. :)

Jill - posted on 08/30/2010




there is a community on here called breastfeeding moms you should join that and ask, they will give you lots of great ways.
A temporary solution that works for me is drinking tea. I always seem to produce more after drinking tea. Also the more you feed from your breast the more your body should produce, if you are supplementing and not feeding or attempting to feed from the breast you will slow your supply even more. Hope this helps Hang in there and continue breast feeding as long as you can its so good for your little one :)

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Try the "breastfeeding moms" or "breastfeeding love and support" communities. You'll find helpful, knowledgeable moms in both.

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