Breastfeeding problem/guilt

Charlotte - posted on 10/20/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )





My daughter is 6 days old and for the first 4days she breastfed like an angel with no issues then all of a sudden she rejects the breast and screams the house down. I persisted for next day but then my breasts seem to just stop producing enough. Last night she refuses to feed at all and screamed the house down from 10pm until 2am. I tried to express whilst she was refusing the breast but myself, my daughter and partner were all getting stressed out by the situation and I just couldn't express anything. Finally at 2.30 we packed her into the car drove to tesco so buy some formula for our sanitys sake. The plan is to feed her formula at night and breastfeed during the days however she is still refusing the breast and screaming the place down. I have been expressing do I can just bottle feed her breast milk and use formula just overnight but I can't help but feel guilty and like I am letting her down by not breast feeding properly. I keep trying occasionally but she won't have it at all and this is causing stress between me and partner as he hates swing is both struggling/stressed.

I miss the connection of her breast feeding from me and find myself upset when feeding her from the bottle. Does anyone have any advice or something similar happened and able to re-teach breast feeding.

Thanks in advance

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