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Sara - posted on 03/23/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter is almost 2 weeks old and I have breastfed her since birth. But her bottom lip won't stay out and it is very painful. I'm so sore and can't continue anymore. I switched to enfamil gentelease today. I chose that one because that is what I used with my son. She seemed fine after the first bottle. Irritable 2 hours after the second bottle. Then irritable after the third. For her forth bottle I gave her expressed milk. After feeding she threw up the entire bottle. Then I gave her 2 more ounces of expressed milk. She kept that down and seems content. And is finally sleeping. My question is, how long do I give that formula before switching? And is throwing up an entire bottle ok? Should I breastfeed tonight no matter how painful?


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Kelsey - posted on 03/23/2013




Have you tried talking to a lactation consultant? She could not be getting enough of your nipple in her mouth. I did this with my son several times, I waited until his mouth was open really wide, then I popped him on. Could also try popping her bottom lip out while she's nursing. Or you could try a different position. I had the most painful latch when my son would be tummy to tummy. I had to switch him to the football hold until we both got the hang of it. I also found a Boppy pillow very helpful. Also, if you are sore, you could try (before nursing) some warm washcloths on your nipples and put some Lacolin (Sp?) cream on after every nursing. It's not harmful to babies.

My son would throw up occasionally with formula, I had to give formula to him since I was sick with an infection. I discovered that burping every ounce or every two ounces helped him keep it down. Though, once I got better, he wanted nothing to do with formula.

Jodi - posted on 03/23/2013




Sara, have you spoken to a lactation consultant? There are ways you can work on the breastfeeding relationship between you and your baby to help you both learn in these early weeks, and there are solutions. If you are wanting to continue breastfeeding except for the pain you are experiencing, it may be worth talking to someone.

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