Breastfeeding to formula feeding?????

Sandy - posted on 08/01/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




My little boy is 14 months old and I am still breastfeeding - during the day I express for him and have been trying for 2 months now to get him onto formula with no luck ... I have tried mixing formula with breastmilk (no joy), waiting until he's really hungry (no joy), tried different formula's (unlucky mommy) even tried to give it to him in a sippy cup with a straw!!! Any help will be appreciated.


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No need to transition to formula. But perhaps soy milk might work better as opposed to cow's milk. It's lighter and might help the transition better. I also have to share that my son refused sippy cups until closer to 18-20 months. It was frustrating, but hey, he still wanted the bottle. I wasn't going to force and demand my son to take a sippy if he truly wasn't ready for it. Just a pet peeve of mine-every kid is different, and every kid will eventually give up a bottle for sippy cups, and then eventually give up a sippy cup for a regular cup. It's just trial and error. What worked for an older child might not work with a younger child. So perhaps you might be more successful with soy milk in a bottle as a transition. All the best to you!

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The way I got my boy to transition to cow's milk was to put a few drops of strawberry syrup in the cow's milk. Mama milk tastes a little sweet, like strawberries. Try a few drops of strawberry and see if it works for your boy too?
Mix up a little formula and taste it... that crap is NASTY! My boy wouldn't drink it either.
First few bottles we offered him Daddy or Aunt Sandy had to offer it. If I handed him the bottle he looked at it as if it were a rock. Someone other than "The Nummie Holder" had to get him interested in bottles.

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When you say you have mixed BF with formula - have you done it gradually? It is VERY common for a BF baby of his age to reject any other type of milk and it usually takes 4 weeks to wean them onto it by very gradually adding more formula (or other milk) to the breast milk.

For a 250ml bottle (8.5 oz) you would start by adding 20ml (0.6 oz) for the first 3 days. Then another 20ml for 3 days, and very slowly increase the formula and decrease the BM. Expect it to take 4-6 weeks.

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Just wondering why you are fighting with him to take formula? You said he is 14 months so he could drink cow's milk unless there is some type of allergy concern.

Bridget - posted on 08/01/2010




Hi Sandy, seeing as your little one is 14months have you tried cows milk? Bubs don't really need formula past 12 months if they are eating a balanced diet they should just be having milk (some say 2 cups some say 3 cups - depends on your doctor and your bubs growth, etc). Alternatively if your little one eats enough dairy products then there really isn't a need for milk anyway. Yoghurt, cheese, custard, etc are enough for little ones to get their calcium requirement so if your little one loves these then just make sure he gets enough of these instead. Just keep trying to give him milk from his sippy cups and he may take to it. Good luck!!

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