Briniging home BABY #2

Jennifer - posted on 03/31/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




I had my 2nd daughter 5 days ago. Since coming home by 1st daughter ( 22 months ) has been great with her new sister however, she has been getting up 2 - 3 times n the night and coming to our room. I have caved in a few times and let her stay with me in bed. Which means that I have 2 girls with me and my poor sweet husband is on he couch !! I am sleep deprived and have been feeling guilty that we brought home a new baby.
Any advice on how to keep her in her bed and her not feeling like she is being " replaced..." ??


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Pia - posted on 04/01/2011




She has to go through a period of adjustment. Bringing a new baby home is a massive change for siblings as el as parents. She needs lots of reassurance, lots of love, and lots of time with mum.
Don't feel guilty about having a new baby!! When I brought my daughter home my son was a but unsure and a bit clingy, but I made sure I got plenty of playtime in with him and I let him help out with the baby, and play with her. Once he understood that I was not going to give all my attention to my daughter and that she was serving he could enjoy too he stopped waking through the night.

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First congrats. When i brought my son home my daughter was only 16months and she was still in a crib. I have to agree with Sarah that's what I did with my daughter as well. Are you breast feeding? Just wondering because one of the best tips I got was (depending on the age of the older child) they may try to breast feed again and if they do try not to react. My daughter tried several times but the whole time she was looking right at me. The first time was really hard not to react because all I saw was this big mouth with teeth coming for me fast!

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My son did this when his new sister came home too. It's an attachment and security thing. With him it only lasted a few nights.

If possible make sure you spend plenty of one to one time with your older child, maybe while the baby naps.

Also try and spend some calm time with the older one at bedtime, with lots of kisses and cuddles.

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