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I am a 30 year old mother of 2. My oldest is 6 and my son just turned 2 months. My husband and I are newly weds struggling to stay afloat. He has been looking for a job since the end of November and only had one job give him an "interview" we do receive TANF and food stamps however the tanf isn't even enough to pay out utilities let alone provide house hold items. And I can't help but become angry when people say they are broke. No most of them have no idea what broke is. Broke is having a boyfriend and his friend move in to help and the friend cons your family and boyfriend out of 12000 and there is no way to get it back and it leaves your mother with the credit card and loan debt. Broke ismmissing work on FMLA because your father is ill and your job finds a lop hole to fire you the day yiu find out you are pregnant and 23 days later your father dies from surgery complications. Broke is almost 6 months of applying for jobs and the bills and disconnect notices piling up. Broke is your mother who is on disability doing part time jobs in full time hours to help when she can and putting her account negative to help keep your water turned on and Internet so you can do job searched. Broke is spending hours a day searching for new jobs to apply to and looking online for any kind of assistance. Going to sites that offer to advertise your situation to people who "help". Broke is getting a response for help buying your 6 year old Christmas presents and being lead to believe a person is kind enough to pay it forward to you so your daughter has something to open and receiving pictures and messages and never receiving the items and crying every night as you silently pray to god fot a sign an answer a job to call your husband or you back. Broke is getting to the point that my husband is looking for jobs in cities he or I have family in that he can stay with them and send money home even though he will miss important parts of our son's life. Broke is your heart breaking because your husband wants to have the money to get a lawyer so he can see his other two kids because his ex won't. I know people have it worse but it is so hard listening to people around me complain about money when they have a job. It's hard feeling excited for people's accomplishments when employers won't even return our callsaabout applications. And it angers me knowing some people use public assistance when they don't need it or knowing businesses hire high school students before hiring people on public assistance that actually want off of it. It is so stressful wondering daily if my power will be shut off or when the bank will come knocking about the mortgage againjlst the house. It's even worse knowing my mother will go down with me because she co-signed it.


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Broke is also realizing that perhaps you may need to settle for a minimum wage job just to keep some income coming in, and setting your sights a bit more realistically, instead of waiting for the 'best job' opportunity to open up.

A paper route may not pay much, but it's income. Physical jobs, such as park attendants, may be demanding, but it's income.

Keep plugging, and you'll be fine. We were. Been there, done that, have the t-shirt twice. What irritates me is people crying about what 'broke' really is, and how they're irritated when other people have something to celebrate, or someone else is hired for the job. Well, that means that you need to work harder to get back up. Been there.

Good luck

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