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I have two children, boy and girl, ages 25 and 18, respectively. My daughter graduated from high school and moved to Florida (I live in Arizona) to work and go to school, which is where my son lives. He is presently serving in the US Army. I'm proud of both kids, but miss them so, so much. I work a 40+ hour week, try to stay busy, am in a meaningful relationship, etc., but I cannot shake this total sadness and broken heart. What have you done to snap out of this sad place?


Tayebeh - posted on 12/26/2015




Hi i am a mother of two too, a girl 26 and a son who died 5 years ago who would have been 28 by now. I think that you are lucky that both your children are alive and well and thank God for it. Try to be helpful to others and enjoy life, being happy is thanking God for your blessing.

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Thanks for mentioning there is an adjustment period. I understand things don't change like a switch, but knowing things take time to change does make me feel a bit better.


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I am sorry for your loss and couldn't even imagine what it feels like to lose a child. Yes, I am totally thankful for my children and for their eagerness to get out into the adult world and begin their lives. This means I've done something right ;) Thank you for suggesting to help others. It's a great idea and one I'll work on this coming new year.

Michelle - posted on 12/26/2015




Find hobbies that you enjoy and have put off because of the kids. It's time to spoil yourself and be selfish.
Maybe even having a chat with a therapist would help you get your head around your change in roles now. It's hard because we put our own lives on hold for our children and then all of a sudden they leave home. It takes some adjustment to start thinking about yourself first and not everyone else.

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