Broken waters or not? Hospital won't see me.

Keeley - posted on 02/12/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Arggghhh! I really don't know what to do, with my first pregnancy I noticed a trickle of fluid down my leg, I was 40 weeks and I called my midwife and she said don't worry I have probably just wet my self a bit... (Very embarrassed!) I didn't think anything more of it and it didn't happen again. When I eventually had her 2 weeks later they had to break my waters and noticed an offensive smell so they sent a sample off and it came back that the waters were infected. I am not sure what caused this but as far as the midwives, doctors and I are concerned this can only happen if the membranes have broken or there was a leak.
Anyway this pregnancy, my knickers were very wet on 1 occasion and I noticed again a small trickle of fluid. I called the hospital and again they just said I would have known if it was my waters as I am only 30 weeks, they wouldn't even see me.
I am worried because they say that if there was an infection you would have high temp, there would be a funny smell and you would feel ill... I had non of this when when I had an infection.
What should I do? If I leave it and there was a leak and an infection then I still have 10 weeks for it fester but at the same time they wouldn't see me!

Please help. X


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Shawnn... I think she was talking about her first pregnancy w/ the 40 weeks and 2 weeks later. Now she is pregnant again and 30 weeks... I believe that's what she is saying.

Keeley... if it were me.... I would go into the hospital. Tell them you are contracting and leaking fluids (even if it's an exaggeration... or lie) if they won't see you and check you out. If you have a doctor/hospital that will not check out a concerned 30 week pregnant woman.... you need a new doctor/hospital.

Good luck! i hope it really was just pee.


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 02/12/2013




So, are you at 40 weeks, or 30 weeks? Have you had the baby or not?

You start by saying that you had a problem at 40 weeks, but delivered the child at 42 weeks. Then all of a sudden you say that you "had" the same problem at 30 weeks, but they wouldn't see you. Then, at the end of your post, you again say that "if I leave and there was an infection then I still have 10 weeks..."

I'm confused!

ETA: But, if you are pregnant, and you are concerned, go to the ER if your physician won't see you.

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