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Brianna - posted on 06/09/2013 ( 5 moms have responded )




I have two kids a daughter 3 1/2 yr old and a son almost 1yr old. Im probably going to have a third child probably start trying when my son is about 18 months. so when the next baby comes my oldest 2 will need to share a room. the kids rooms in my house are very small. right now my daughter is sleeping in a twin bed and my son a crib in separate rooms. So when the time comes for my son to leave the crib and move into his sisters room do u think its better to buy him a toddler bed and leave her in the twin? or we where thinking of getting a new mattress for us so should we give our double bed for the kids to share?


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Brianna - posted on 06/14/2013




I only plan on them sharing a room until the baby is 2 years old and then the baby would share a room with the sibling of the same sex. plus we do plan on building a house in a few years probably 2016 or 2017 so then everyone would get their own room

Michelle - posted on 06/14/2013




I would be having separate beds for them. How long are you planning on them sharing? While they this young it's fine but you would need to think about the same sex sharing when they get older. By the sound of it you would need to move though, especially if the rooms are small. Children only get bigger and you need more room for all their stuff.

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Don't have the two oldest share a bed. Try bunk beds or a better option is two single beds. When the 3rd baby is no longer wetting the bed, if its a girl, she can share with your daughter and a boy, your son. Hope this helps

Amy - posted on 06/09/2013




I know this wasn't an option listed but I would leave the two in separate rooms, and put the babies crib in my room. When the new baby is old enough he/she can move into the appropriate room.

Sarah - posted on 06/09/2013




I would not have them share a bed. For one that just creates issues with trying to get them to sleep. In the same bed means messing around and playing. That can also lead to disrupted sleep if they are moving around at night. Also they are boy/girl as they grow that will be an issue. That will also be an issue with them sharing a room together. Right now they are young, but in a couple years your daughter will be old enough to where sharing a room with the opposite sex should not be done. Depending on when your third is born you may need to look at having the younger two share a room. Or depending on what gender the third is the same genders sharing a room. If you have the younger two sharing a room as the middle child gets older and if the third is a girl you will need to put both girls in the same room.

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