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I have 3 boys, ages 5, 3.5, and 2 (also have a 5 month old daughter.) We are currently renting a house with 4 bedrooms. My husband and I of course have one, our daughter has her own, our 2 year old has his own room and our 5 and 3.5 year olds share. However, the issue we are having is that the two that share will talk and talk and talk and play, play, play for 2 hours after bedtime before they fall asleep! My concern is that once the 5 year old starts school next year he will have to get up earlier, and therefore go to bed earlier. We have an extra bed in the baby's room right now that he will go to bed in, and then when the 3.5 year old is sleeping we move him back to his own room. The 2 year old has to have his own room right now because he is constantly getting out of bed and getting into things. We have to put a gate on his door at night to keep him in. He would just keep his older brothers up. We are hoping to be buying a house and I would love to have all 3 boys share a room. I guess my question is: those of you who have children that share a room, how do you get them to go to sleep? I have tried putting them to bed earlier, letting them watch a movie in their room, and obviously, separating them until sleep occurs. I understand that a certain amount of talking/playing is going to happen, but it tends to get wild with hysterical laughing and jumping around on the beds. Anyway, any input and advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


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I've got twins that turn 10 next week and I'll tell you..... it's been an off and on battle for almost 10 years. ;) A lot of the time they do REALLY well, but other nights.... not so much.

What do you do when they are acting up? Do you take things away from them? Just scold? Send them to bed earlier the next night? Wake them up earlier? Seperate them in time out? Those are most of the tactics that I've used over the years. Also spanking when they were between the age ranges of your kids.

Good luck!

Kyleigh - posted on 12/05/2011




My DS's share a room they are 8 and 7! I send my 7yr old to bed 1 hour early usually at 830pm during school, and then my nearly 9yr old will go to bed at 930pm. usuallyby then my 7 yr old is fast asleep.

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