Brushing my two year old's hair

Julie - posted on 09/30/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 2 yr old daughter screams every time I try to brush her hair. She let me put barrettes in it but then takes them out. I have to let her scream just to put her hair in a pony tail. Does anyone have any ideas on how to help. My four year old was a little like this but never this bad.


Tania Jo - posted on 09/30/2012




Both mine had this problem..... I gave them a smaller hairbrush and a pretty dolly with long hair. When I brushed their hair, they brushed "their baby's" hair. It worked a treat. Have you tried this?

They only got to do dolly's hair when I did their hair... it got to a point where my youngest would come up with 2 brushes and dolly and ask "can you brush my hair, cos "Mary" needs her hair done". I hope this helps.


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Jennifer - posted on 09/30/2012




Doing my daughter's hair can be a nightmare! I feel your pain. Have you tried conditioner? It helped us. I also have spray detangeler and we just bought this AMAZING brush called the Knot Genie. I also use the TV as a distraction. Sometimes, it's whatever works. My little one is five now and has hair down to her bum. She wants "Rapunzel" hair, so I told her she needs to cooperate or we have to get it cut. She also earns tokens toward a reward for letting me do her hair. Do you use hair elastics? My SIL taught me how to put the hair in a pony tail (or smaller bit) and then put the bow (or barrette) over it. At least their hair is out of they way and the "prettys" stay in.

I hope this helps.

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