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Crystal - posted on 10/20/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am new at the whole breastfeeding thing and need help on trying to pump the amount of breast milk my daughter is eating

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Jessica - posted on 02/09/2017




Nursing as much as possible and drinking Healthy nursing tea helped me improving my breast milk production.

Katherine - posted on 10/21/2013




Have you gone back to work yet? Or are you planning on going back and building up a freezer supply? If you are still nursing your daughter full time - meaning that you're not back at work yet so she isn't "missing" any feedings, it is going to be difficult to pump a full feeding. While your daughter is completely nursing off of you, anytime you pump, you are basically asking your body for extra milk above and beyond what your baby needs. It takes time for your body to get the message and respond. When I tried it, I was only able to pump 1/2 to 1oz at each pumping session and it frustrated me. But my first day back at work, when it was time to pump, I got the amount that I needed.

If you're already back at work but having trouble with your supply, you can try breast massage, power pumping (pumping for 5 min, stopping for 5 min, pumping for 5, etc.), or continuing to pump for 5 minutes or so after the milk stops. This will signal your body that you need more than what it's making. You can also try mother's milk tea, fenugreek supplements, or oatmeal - they didn't really help me but a lot of people swear by them. Here's a link that might help if this is the problem for you.
Good luck!!

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