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my daughter is six. she hangs out with the neighbors children there is too of them a boy and a girl 7 and 9. they get along great. the area we live in is not exactly the best. so i get concerned with who my daughter hangs out with. she is shy and very caring and a genuiene good soul. we choice her in a school further away for her to get a better education and are planning to move when the time is right. these children she plays with go to school with other neighborhood kids and they all started hanging out. the other day my daughter came home in tears. she said that all the kids ganged up on her and said she is a cry baby and annoying and they do not want to be her friend. they want her to go away. the boy and girl she normally plays with did nothing in her defense. i handled the situation the best way i know how. my question is how do other mothers deal with bullying?


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Mercedes - posted on 06/17/2016




Sadly, adults and kids can be cruel, we just deal with it better. I read an article recently that suggested precisely that because bullies act to inflict fear on others, it helps to have friends around. Have you consider talking to her friends to help them avoid bullying and band together? If you want to check out the article, is on the focus on the family site, just type 'bully troubles' and it should come up. I think one of the saddest things about bullies is that they are victims themselves or have seen it at home. Good luck!

~♥Little Miss - posted on 06/16/2016




I would not let her hang out with them any longer unsupervised. She is probably the youngest out of all of them, and it might not be age appropriate. Also depending on what was said and done, if I felt I needed to address it with the parents of these children, I would.

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