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I cant believe that bullying can start as early as JK!! are u kidding me!! there is a boy in my sons Jk class that has been bullying him whenever they are playing outside...he knock him to the ground takes his hat off and throws it, he hold him against the wall and won't let him move...my son can fight but he knows he is not allowed to fight. we spoke to the teacher ( who is very inexperienced..and all the parents have issues with her) then she said that she's noticed that behavior for a while WTF why haven't u done anything about it...after talking to her she send a note to his parents who cared less and never replied back..well its still happening... today im going to talk to the principal and demand this child's parent be brought in and talked to...my son is not the 1st kid to be bullied by him..ive heard from a few moms that they went through the same thing...where are this kids parents?? my husband keeps telling our son to fight back...but i keep reminding him that he can defend himself but when they are caught they wil both be in trouble.....


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Make sure that when you meet with the principal that you tell him if this bullying doesn't stop, and your son has to defend himself that you will not tolerate your son getting into trouble for it.

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the school board has zero tolerance for fighting but that does not stop it from happening at the school. I am meeting the principle in an hour and im going to make sure that this stops and i will make it it clear to the principal that if this is not handled I will be taking this issue to the school board. teachers are with them outside when they are playing and the part of the school that they play in is only for JK class...why the teachers are not stepping in to stop this is making me angry...never once has the teacher stopped it other student got involved but not teachers....I am going to teach him to defend himself cause if he doesn't it might get to a point where other students might find him an easy target to be bullied...I will never let that happen!!

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This happened to my son last year. I know that they are not supposed to fight but I finally did have to explain to him that, while we are NEVER to hit anybody first...it is entirely OK to use your hands to defend yourself. I would rather see him sent to the office than see him learn to take abuse without fighting back.

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Find out form your board of education on where they stand on fighting, my son is always bullied, and defends himself. This friday he was sent home for defending himself against a boy using rulers as weapons, there was nothing the school to do their hands were tied due to a new law in my city that came in on monday. Zero tolerance for fighting, even if a child is defending themselves. Both boys were sent home, if it had been done on a monday my son would of missed 3 days of school for defending himself. So go in and speak to your school, find out your sons rights on defending himself. There is nothing you can do about the other parents, if they dont care they dont care. Teach your son to walk away, and tell a teacher (though this doesnt always work because plenty of teachers dont care also).

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Talk to the principal... stand up for your son like you know he should be able to when he is an adult. Even bring him with you so he can see how you handle things without fighting. I did this with my daughter... she is in the 1st grade. She witnessed the conversation with the principal and later that evening told her dad..."Mommy and Mr. Larson had a talk about the bully and they didn't even yell at each other." It is good to show children how to respond and not only tell them, "Honey, this is what I would do..." or "This is what you do..." Physically show them how to respond with your actions and tell them when it is appropriate to do so or walk away. This has obviously gone too far. You are right to go to the principal.

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not exactly, self defense is the best thing that you cant teach a child to boost there confidense.....and if youve already had meetings and brought this to everyones att. then what else can you do? well if it were to come out that your son did defende himself,...think about how the school would look if he had to deal with it before the adults. a mother that i know went through the exact same thing, and it came down to it when her daughter had to defend her self. they tried to suspend her daughter in the second grade and sent the bully back to class. well this mother faught it and she won. her daughter went back to class and the bully finally got in trouble, and of course no one really got hurt. try it and see what happens. tell your son that theres a dif between hurting and selfdefense

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If ur son beats up the bully he is protecting himself and the school can't do anything about it. They are not doing anything about the bully so ur son has 2 defend himself and kick that boys ass.

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i dnt believe in violence also tel my son not 2 do it my son had same prob in reception skool moved other boy 2 diff clas but wen in yard cant escape my son lost it 1 day & hit him bac teacher saw this & got told off i was angry but also glad that he did it boy got shock afta while the boy got fed up & left him alone ur son mite jst lose it 1 day also which mite do sum gud if he does jst remember 2 tel him off so he doesnt become the bully advise him 2 try keep away frm him stay with other kids gud luck with it all x

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well i think that your son is scared to get in trouble you should let him know its good to defend himself as long as he is the one that doesn't started his okay he wont get in trouble if you don't take care of this its going to get worse for your son and i would so take it up with the principal that kids parents need to realize what their son is doing is completely wrong and mean you think that people would care more about their kids in school safety right?

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