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I have a six year old who has started at a new school this year and she was being bullied on her school bus. One morning she cried because she didn't want to get on the bus and I thought it was just because she wanted to spend more time with me. I was giving my daughter a bath after school and I noticed bruises on her back that night I took her to a urgent care facility where she could be checked out. The doctor said she also had visible brushing on her arm where someone grabbed her. Frustrated because I'm definitely going to the school but don't know if the situation. The doctor asked my daughter what happened and she said this little girl just held her down and started punching her for no reason and she didn't hit back. She said the little girl was her friend and she didn't want to tell me.


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I don't know where about's in the world you are but I personally here in the UK would contact the school and arrange an immediate meeting with the head and contact the police. The police should be able to go into the school and speak to the teachers then to any child they suspect and their parents.The children can be suspended as far as i am aware or expelled and the contact with the police will be a very strong warning to any child as well as getting to the route as to why they have done this. I hope this helps.

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