Bullying and kids


Ixchel - posted on 05/05/2011




I enjoyed your article and if everyone followed the tactics put forth then the bullying would stop. I have 2 sons who I homeschool now for several reasons. One of which was a gang of bullies on the play ground. We spoke with the teachers, priniciples and literally nothing was accomplished. However, I feel that the type of parents that you are dealing with on the other end; need to be responsible also, and if they are not all the talking and intervention will do nothing. If that type of behavior is acceptable. And we all know that there are some parents who raise their children that bulling is ok and that they always have to be a winner. My husband and I were both star atheltes and driven to win but as our sons have growen older we had to learn that they are not as interested in sports as we were. Some parents need to maybe learn that too. Anyway we ended up pulling our children out of public school for the school's inability to deal with the bullies in and out of the classrooms. I am proud to say that my son has no scars from his years in public school and Our family is stronger for the oppurtunity to school at home. I agree that the scars are deep, both my husband and I were bullied and eventully had to get to the point where we asserted our voice. In our day and age boys and girls would have and arguement fight it out on the basketball court and shake hands after it was done. Nowadays kids shoot each other over the color of the shirt or ball cap. Then the parents set on the TV going he was a good boy, he never got in trouble. Maybe you should pay attention to what your child is doing and stop worrying about yourself and your needs. So thanks for your article on what happens to the Victims of the NON-Parented Children. Thank you


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Deepti - posted on 05/08/2011




Dear Ixchel and OhJesiie, thanks for sharing ur valuable thoughts here.
i have also gone thru bullying and my parents supported me..now my son is going through it in school and i support and comfort him.
sometimes, in a humourous manner i give him funny ways to tackle bullies. it is extremely important to do this in order to normalize his mind and make him confident.
thanks once again for sharing ur views here, u can also join me on my blog:http://perspectiveofdeepti.blogspot.com/

Deepti - posted on 04/19/2011




thanks for your encouraging words... i really appreciate that u shared ur experience and admired my post as well...
if u like u can view other posts of mine which are also on kids and parents.

Dawn Cuomo - posted on 04/18/2011




I loved your post about kids getting bullyed. There has to be a no tolerence to bullying in school. My son has been bullyed and the school has handled it very well. The parents were notified and the kids got a citizenship citation sent home for thier parents to sign. This does not meen the kids are going to stop bulling my son but it is documented. My son is learning the tools to handle bullying at school so he doesn't become more of a target. Thank you for this article.

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