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Geralyn - posted on 12/16/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have used a Bumbo with both of my children, and I am aware of injuries to children when the Bumbos are placed on countertops, tabletops, etc., and the children fall. I have not heard of any other injuries. HOWEVER, my petite 16 month old tried to climb over her Bumbo (placed on the floor), and she fell over the Bumbo with her neck positioned in the hole for the leg (and her hips and legs were draped over the back) (if you can picture it). She was NOT injured as I was sitting right there and was able to help her immediately. BUT had I not been in the room, I would NEVER have suspected that a Bumbo on the floor could be dangerous. Had I not been there, she would have laid there with her neck wedged in the leg hole and her head sticking out. She would NOT have been able to get out on her own. The head is heavy, and who knows whether she would have tired and put her head down, cutting off oxygen. Absolutely frightening - and something that I never would have suspected as a potential danger. Be careful.


Karen - posted on 12/16/2011




when i got my bumbo (which i love btw) i bought the tray attatchment to go with it. i knew that after a certain age babies can arch their backs to slide over the sides, etc. (i never really thought about getting stuck the way yours did though) and this was very helpful in preventing it. my son never sat in his seat after the age of 4 months without his tray and when the seat was sitting empty i always left the tray on if it was sitting on the floor. just a thought for anyone who is getting one or using one already.
i'm very glad your little one is okay!


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