Bunk beds or no?

Ameo - posted on 03/18/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




Small house and our 4 yo an 2.5 yr old daughters share a room. For space purposes, we're thinking of bunkbeds. Anyone else have bunkbeds for kids this age?


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Most web sites state that a child using a ladder to get to bed should be no younger than 6. Saying this I had high top beds for my boys as they had a desk and cupboard underneath. They were around 4 and 7 and we had no problems. The only disadvantage with the beds were when they were ill you could not cuddle up with them and if they were sick they never made it down the ladder and to the loo. Another thing to look out for is the ladder its self. The beds I had had a metal pole as a step which hurt there feet. Look for a step that is flat and not round.

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yep, 2 boys that age, my FIL made them bunk beds but they usually sleep in the same bed. We got the kind with a staircase instead of a ladder. It seemed safer to me and you have extra storage under the stairs.

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My DS is 4 and this last summer he slept on the top of a bunk bed at Oma's house and loved it. When we move back to Canada in a few months we will most likely get one so that the kids can share a room, DD will be just over 2. I think they are fine but you have to know your child... is she the adventurous type that might think it a laugh to jump off the bed... do the kids play in their room ... just things to think about. Hope this helps. M

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We have a bunk bed for my son. We mistakely put it sideways against the wall which makes it hard to make the bed. The top bunk is too close to the ceiling fan in the center room and the latter is a very scary thing. It is also difficult to cuddle with them when they are sick. Maybe when he gets a little older (he is 8 now) it will work out better. On the good side the top bunk is a great hiding place from his little sister.
Just an FYI - Good luck
shannin tipton

Ameo - posted on 03/19/2011




Thank you all, some good points to consider. Both my girls are big jumpers. They have a trampoline in the front room because of this! But they will climb and jump off anything. I'm going to let them look at bunkbeds first, have some conversations, then make a decision after they have time to sit in them, think about the rules, etc. I imagine they'd both cuddle together and I don't want the younger one on top. The 4 yo never gets up in the night at all. The younger does a lot. Good point about the ladders. Thanks.

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My twin girls were 3 when they first got their bunk beds. We had no problems whatsoever and they are 9 now and still in them.

Funny thing is though.... I have a son who will be 3 in 9 days and I wouldn't trust HIM in that bed (to sleep that is, but he plays in there w/ his sisters all the time).... I think you have to make the call based on your own kids and what you are comfortable w/ doing.

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