BV/Yeast Infections During Pregnancy & After...

Cailynjhoward - posted on 11/12/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




Since about 22 weeks pregnant, I've had problems down there! I'm a first time mom (37+ weeks). I've never had any infections before pregnancy. My diet hasn't really changed either. I have the pretty typical story - was "treated" for BV, which then gave me a yeast infection. THEY WILL NOT GO AWAY! I've been treated, cleared, then they come back within a few days. Here's what I've tried:

Monistat (several times)
Dilflucan (several times)
ACV (drank a shot of it once a day for about a week)
ACV (bathed in it once a day for about a week)
Eating lots of garlic food
Eliminating sugar out of my diet (only for about a week - I'm pregnant and have major cravings so it's hard)
Probiotics (the RePhresh brand - on them for 2 months now)

NOTHING seems to help! It's so frustrating and ruining my sex life with my boyfriend. I know it's so common during pregnancy, but it WILL NOT GO AWAY! I've also read that many women get yeast infections AFTER they deliver that won't go away.

Is there anything else I haven't tried that I should?! IS THERE ANY HOPE THAT AFTER I DELIVER MY BABY BOY THAT MY BODY WILL GO BACK TO NORMAL? It's actually made me depressed because I only see my boyfriend every 2 weeks as we're doing long distance because of his job, and I want that intimacy back. PLEASE help!


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Michelle - posted on 11/13/2016




Antibiotics wouldn't help with the yeast infection, I find that they tend to cause them.
Like Shawnn said, cranberry juice is good.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 11/13/2016




Your diet has not changed, but your body chemistry has!

Adding cranberry based drinks will help! I had a HORRIBLE time with UTIs and yeast infections when pregnant with my first. I couldn't understand how someone who was peeing every 10 minutes during pregnancy could get that many infections! My gyn told me to start drinking cranberry juice. I can't stand cranberries! So, I did a cran-raspberry mix...and oh my god, the change was almost instant!

Good luck with this.

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