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Kris - posted on 03/02/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




hi im expecting my 2nd baby somtime in august, and im thinking of haveing a c-section. i just wonted to get other mums advice, experciences on there c-section... any information would be a great help...


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I would not have a c-section just by 'choice', but I have had 2 c-sections and the scheduled one was MUCH easier to recover from. Of course, my first c-section was after a complicated twin pregnancy, so that might have had something to do w/ my trouble....

Why would you just choose to have a c-section w/out a medical need for it?

Wendy - posted on 03/03/2010




Kate and Marina Thank goodness you both make sense to me,

I can't beleive there are actually women choosing to have c sections and Doctors that will do this at a womans request. This is very disturbing to me Major Abdominal Surgery is and should not be Elective Surgery (meaning by choice) it should only be when there is no other way beacuse of a medical necessity.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 03/03/2010




Ok, so I was NOT going to respond to this thread until I read Renae's comment. First of all, I had a c-section with my first child (NOT my choice) and I did NOT have an "easy" recovery. Everyone is different, and just becouse you healed quickly does not mean Kriss will..or any other mother. So for mothers that had a c-section and were not as lucky as you to recovery quickly...don't make them feel bad for being in pain. It took me 1 year to stop having pain. No, I did not have infection, hemorraging, too much scar tissue...nothing. It is MAJOR ABDOMINAL SURGERY! And don't forget it! I am 34 weeks prego with my second child and you better bet your a** I am trying for a vaginal this time. I will only have a c-section if one of our lives depends on it... But that is my choice Kris. I don't know if you have a vaginal birth the first time around...but it would be nice for you to clarify why you would chose to have a c-section. Good luck with whatever you decide, and congratulations on your baby to be!

Renae - posted on 03/03/2010




Join the "c-sections" community and read some of the very positive stories on there. I had a c-section by choice, BEST decision ever. SO EASY. The recovery is so much easier than people tell you. I had no pain and was doing everything as normal in 7 days. There was also a thread in either Welcome to COM or SAHM going recently for mums who had a c-section by choice. I think the title was "did anyone...". You will find those of us who did not want a vaginal delivery and chose to have a c-section had much better experiences than those who were forced to.

Laura - posted on 03/03/2010




I had 2 medically necessary C-sections and had healthy recoveries from both. Keep in mind this is major surgery and requires a 6 week recovery. May not be the ideal unless you have a good support system. On the up side, the delivery is super-quick!

Wendy - posted on 03/03/2010




I may be a bit older my kids are 20 and 13 and i hade c sections with both ( i had to the first was in a transverse lye and the second my cervix would not dialate ) I had no problems after except a longer recovery time than natural birth, However i would never choose to have a c section and i cant beleive that doctors actually would allow you to choose to have one. If you can do it naturaly that is the best way for baby and mother.Honestly do some more resurch you will find this to be true, if the pain is what worries you in labour there is relief for that if you need it some dont, I went 20 hrs with my second trying to have her naturally with not so much as a tylenol (realy bad period cramps ) i would do it again if i had the choice. I am not bashing c sections if they are necessary then so be it but to choose one is in my opinion crazy......hope my opinion helps

best regards wendy

Abbie - posted on 03/03/2010




I have had an ectopic ( same cut as a c section) and and a c section. After my ectopic oh lordy it hurt. but after my c section, it wasn't as bad. You need to sorta walk through the pain. yes you will have tummy discomfort, It get better in a week or so. One thing you should know though is when you have a section, you will never have a nice tummy again!!! They cut those muscles so there is a "ledge" there. You can work to tone it down but it will never be prebaby!!!

Why are you opting to have one? Was your first one or no? I hear from most vaginals are easier to recovery, but c sections have their perks too. You go in have a baby. No rush or worry.

Angela - posted on 03/02/2010




i had an emergency c-section with my first due to foetal distress and am currently pregnant with my second. I have chosen to have a c-section purely because i don't want to hv to go through a long labour again and be told i will have to have a c-sect. i was also told the chances of going through natural labour with no complications was 60%....still too low for me to even consider it. I recovered really well after my c-sect and was up and about pretty quickly although the only side affect i did have was a huge migraine (related to the epidural) for about a week. I had great family support so i was able to rest as much as i needed. Everyone is different with how they will be and how they will react to a c-sect so you really need to think about it it and weigh up the positives with the negatives. Good luck

Catherine - posted on 03/02/2010




I unexpectedly had a C-section with my first baby. He was over a week overdue and despite all the medical intervention he just wouldn't come out. We discovered when the doctor did the C-section that his cord was around his neck 3 times.

I am now 5 months pregnant with our second baby and have made the decision to have a C-section with this baby as well.

What I can tell you is only from my personal experience. I found it very difficult to sit up and get out of bed for about 2 weeks which made it difficult to get up and get the baby at night. I also hemmoraged from a uteran infection about 10 days after my C-section. Again, these are only my experiences. I think you have to make your own decision based on your reasons for wanting a C-section.

Good luck.

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