c-section babies & lactose intolerance

Corinna - posted on 03/03/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




hi everyone

my c-section baby is now 7 weeks old and is unable to drink cows milk formula so we are having to use soy formula. just wondering if anyone else has/is going through something similar? and how you handled it...

i've heard that some babies grow out of the lactose intolerance so i have my fingers crossed!!

any advice/suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!! thanks mums & dads!!!


Louise - posted on 03/03/2011




My daughter was exactly the same we tried every formula milk on the market, comfort milks and special milks for lactose intollerance. After 8 weeks I could cope no more and I took her to the doctors as she just screamed all of the time and really did not want to eat. The doctor gave me Gaviscon powder which she had in every bottle. Right from the first bottle she was a changed baby, more settled no tears and able to eat more. All those weeks and she had been having acid reflux with out spitting up. The powder made such a difference. I was also told to help her with starting her on solids at 10 weeks so she had a small amount of baby rice morning and night and this also helped her. So all that time I thought that she was lactose intollerant she was not it was all down to acid.

Funnily enough she was an emergency c section baby.

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