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This is a really great forum if you like to be bullied. Depending on the groups you belong to, is very clicky and does not like "new" members. I honestly think this site is for women who have major issues with their spouses, or lack there of, and don't know how to raise their now, spoiled rotten kid(s). Some groups have more "mature" group members who
use derogatory insults, bullying & profanity when you don't agree with their views or just because they don't like you. This sIte allows this and offers little solution or protection to its members. Group Administrators do not police posts nor remove group members who harass and bully others. Anyone can become an Admin and most of them are troublemakers and love to stir the pot. This site is full of drama and the women on here are either crackheads or very seriously whacked. They have "no life" and makeup things to get attention. It is really quite sad. A bunch of caddy women who are, obviously, very unhappy in their personal life. If they were happy they wouldn't be on here 24/7 using derogatory insults which is usually followed by an "LOL". They talk about their kids and how great they are (LOL) and, obviously, they are neglected. It's a shame that does not have counsellors on board to help these women who clearly are not living in reality. Again, so sad...


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I'm a member there and yes, there are groups like this there (Mom Confessions, Newcomers) The interest groups like Breastfeeding Moms, Moms of Twins, etc aren't as bad.

Michelle - posted on 04/15/2014




I have had a look over there and I agree. It seems the nastier you are the more accepted you are. I very rarely go there now as I left school a long time ago and don't need the crap in my life. Some of the women take it far too seriously though.
Glad you found us though Carrie, enjoy this site.


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Anyone that looks at cafemom and can't see that it's the worst kind of fuzzy logic, irrational, yellow "journalism" around, must be...a stay at home fraud! Environmental terrorist...take your pick.

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