Calling all Parenting Vetrans - Yes you who have been there and done that

Jane - posted on 02/01/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Not to sound like all is warfare in raising your kids, but Parenting IS a battle. You are trying to assist a person who has 0 experience to make it to a point where they can survive on their own so you have a mission. How you two get there is all up to you. I say "you" because at the beginning it is all you. You've done all the milestones that got you to the point of not being parented and of being a parent. But there comes a point when you are less instructor and commanding officer and more co-pilot.

Don't just roll your eyes at the posts from newbies that want kids who can walk out of their womb and solve world hunger before their mid-morning nap. Help them to get over themselves! We have all experienced the shock and awe of parenting firsts-
The first time the baby poops a unique color and you thought you must have poisoned them.
Their first sniffle/cold/illness.
Their first all-night cry session (I don't think as adults we quite grasp that Womb World and Outer-womb World are really like moving from Venus to Earth.)
The involuntary reaction when a diaper is opened and cold air touches the water hose... (Of course he was only smiling at my crazy reaction not at his perfect aim to my forehead. Right?)

Give us all the benefit of your wisdom of having been there and done that.

Please let folks in these circles know what to expect after expecting.

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