Calling any gastroschisis mothers I have a one month old now with silent reflux and bad stomach cramps followed by mucusy windy poos.. Is this normal?


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Ashley - posted on 06/09/2016




My breastfed baby did the same thing for the stomach cramps do baby massage rub the belly in circles also take your hands and rub down from the ribs to pelvis do bycicle legs and push legs up to the stomach apply light pressure helps them pass gas and have a happy baby

Melea - posted on 02/26/2014




Thank you for your advice, he is breast fed so I might be something I'm eating, will talk with the surgeon though, I'm thinking maybe he is lactose intolerant.. Thanks again

Andrea - posted on 02/21/2014




Is you little one breastfed or formula fed??
If breastfed it can happen and it is cause by something you ate and it didn't agree with their sensitive tummy's...
If formula fed then it can still be normal
Or you little one could be working a cold out...
However I would call and speak with your little one doctor/surgeon which ever took the most care of little one...
I have a 4 almost 5 year old Gastroschisis girl...
Hope this is helpful, Take care and best wishes...

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