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How do you go camping with your wee ones. My Maeby is 19 months and I would love to go camping with her! I loved going camping as a kid and my husband was a boy scout so enough said there. I'm just afraid it'll be more stressfull then fun :/ So how do you do it?


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Oh, diaper wipes! You can never have too many diaper wipes when you're camping! Bring a case of them!


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thank you for all of your tips! there are some GREAT ideas in here! thank you, thank you!

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I love the head to toe rainsuits - even on dry days, for keeping them a little cleaner. Also thick padded pants when it's cooler underneath, so they have more padding when they fall on the gravel. If in doubt, try camping close to town - so that if it pours with rain, or you need a break you can go into town to buy groceries, go to a coffee shop, hang out in the laundromat etc :)

Also we like to bring:
1. A kids tent to put toys in & to bathe in
2. A baby bath for sponge bathing the tot in the evening (in the play tent).

It can be really fun, but it's deffinitely more challenging than pre-kids. Just keep trying, you'll nail the techniques you need.

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the first time we went camping with my daughter and niece, they were only a couple weeks old. it wasnt too bad, as we had motorhomes (my MIL, FIL, SIL and niece in one, me, my fiance and daughter in the other). they slept a lot, we brought their pack n plays and had mosquito netting overtop. this year, we've only gone camping once so far for may long and the girls were like 10 months, but it was cold and raining so they spent all their time in the motorhome. bring your stroller, so you have somewhere that you can kind of contain them to sit around the fire or whatever. we'll be going again in a couple weeks probably, and hopefully itll be warmer out and nicer for the girls.

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Growing up, my parents frequently took us camping in the bush, and we totally loved it! So when my oldest was 18mths we decided to give it a go.

Big disaster! The camp ground in the national park was over-run by a big group of oldies who constantly complained about the night time grizzling and the early morning noise, so I was totally stressed about it for the whole week!

Plus, it was really dusty where we were camping, so the kids were black from head to toe from the moment they emerged from the tent in the morning, with dirt in their mouths and eyes...

We had sooo much to keep them occupied, but I guess the dirt and noise factors were the problems for us. Plus, I got pretty wound up trying to get my daughter to sleep in the day so she wouldn't be so grizzly in the afternoon, but I think I caused myself the extra grief there!

We just recently tried it again, in a 'bushy' caravan park with playgrounds, running water, power, and a toddler room (joy!) now that our youngest is almost 2, and we had a fabulous week!!

I think, for us, it was all about making things a little easier on ourselves so we could relax a bit and enjoy the experience! We'll try "roughing it" again maybe in a few years!!

**and when camping in a tent, make sure you take a potty! several trips to the toilet block, in the dark and cold with a sleepy 3yr old are not really fun!

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Don't be afraid of dirt...on the child, in their mouth, etc...

I've been camping w/ my three since before they could walk.

It can be stressful if you make it stressful. Bring things for them to play with, allow them to 'help' when possible, and most importantly keep them busy!
Sitting at the campfire to relax is out of the question w/ a toddler! (unless they are asleep of course. :) )

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I would strongly suggest doing a trial run in your yard or a friend's. You can see how things go. If all's well, you can try for something a short drive away and gradually expand. If it's terrible, go on in to a regular bed and try again a little later or rethink the how.

We took our oldest for the first time at about 16 months. The only real difficulty we had was bedtime. He just would not settle down. Used disposables and took snack foods and fresh fruits and veggies we knew he would eat with little difficulty.

Hope this helps.

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When you say camping are we talking tent camping or camper camping? I would not tent camp with my son, others might be more brave. We camper camp. Our son does pretty well or did last year we are testing it again next week. We also don't go for more then like 3 nights 4 days, cuz he sleeps less while camping and in 4 days he is beat. And so are we.

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Camping with kids is always possible, and usually fun! make sure you take a playpen, or you'll drive yourself nuts!
What is your definition of camping? Tent, tent-trailer, trailer, cabin, cottage? Your answer to this question is gong to make a huge difference to what you will want/need to do to prepare. Will you be roughing it in the backwoods or have a water and hydro equipped site in a family friendly campground?

We camped with our kids in an old-school canvas tent-trailer. We started out with using the pack-n-play for the then-22 month old (it took up ALL the floor space LOL), but realized he could get out of it in the tent trailer. So we just had him sleep in one of the tip-outs with his almost-8-year old brother, and we slept on the table-folded-down-to-a-bed right next to it, so if he tried to get out, he's have to crawl over 3 people. Then when the next baby came the following summer, we drove across the country in a week with all four kids. The boys, now almost 3 and almost 9 had the same tip-out with us on the table-bed beside them, and our 11 1/2 year old daughter had the other tip out with the 4 month old baby.

Now our 'camping' is going up to our trailer...a 40 foot 2 bedroom park model permanently set in a wonderful campground, compelete with queen size pillow-top bed, microwave, hot shower and flush toilet. But we still make s'mores over the campfire!

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Camping with friends helps they can help keep an eye on the little one. pack for every possible thing that may happen. take alot of toys and snacks to keep the little one occupied and if you have camp chairs get a little one for your kid too. i just took my 2 camping for 2 days it was a blast and they are 3 years and 3 months at the time. take a pack and play for them to sleep in so they arent touching the ground. and just keep them involved with everything. i really hope this helps. and you can use a tent i took both of mine and we used a tent and it wasnt the first time i took my son the 3 year old camping i have been camping with him since he was a little over 1 month old. I hope this helps camping with kids is alot more work that with out them but it is alot of fun to see them experience all the new stuff. also if they sleep in their own bed they have kid size sleeping bags/ air mattresses they come as one at walmart. good luck have fun.

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We have taken our kids camping since they were 6 weeks old!! You may be suprised at how ell it goes, we take a play pen when they are little, but from about 18 months old, they just hung around the camp site!! Bottles were a hassle, but that was it!! My eldest is now 6yo and we go every year, so he knows the drill, his 4 yo sister is just as good, they do quite a bit together (we go to van parks with activities for kids)!! I say go for it, we have always had fun and our kids have bbeen pretty good!

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rent a rustic cabin or "shelter" it helps contain the little ones, usually you get electricity which can help! And I always worried when the kids were in the tent etc. but in a tent on the floor of the shelter.. no problems. And its way cleaner and a safe retreat if its nasty rain.

But what ever you do don't change the babies diaper inside your sleeping bag... My mom has never let me live that story down... and No I'm not going to share it :-P your imagination will do fine. Until we were "kids" not toddlers My parents also used a cabin. But once we could get our selfs to the bathroom we were tent campers after that

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