Can a 5 month old have night terrors?

Farah - posted on 02/14/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




Tonight I put my son to bed at his usual time at 8 pm. Around 9:30pm I was in my room, which is very close to his bedroom door, and I heard a loud thump as if someone jumped really hard in his crib mattress. I got startled and immediately looked at the monitor. My son started to cry and I went in to comfort him which took about 10 minutes and he went back to sleep. I'm sitting here still a bit startled and am wondering what happened there. Obviously he didnt get up and jump in the crib (hes only 5 months). Im guessing he had a night terror so his entire body jumped and hit the mattress hard so thats why he started to cry. It was just a bit scary for me. Has this happened to anyones baby?

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