Can a toddler get worms from cats?

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First of all, I know that humans can get worms from cats. I have 4 cats (indoor) but every year at summertime (now) at least one of my cats gets worms from the fleas that come thru the porch screen. I always used to treat the worms with drops from my vet...but now that my son is up and about, petting the cats all the question is...Is there something else I can do to get rid of seasonal worms and safely keep the treatment away from my son AND can my 18 month old get them too? I mean, I know he can get them because he pets the cats and he is always with the hands in his mouth....but I keep his hands away from their backsides....all the time, worms or not.....I haven't seen anything in his diaper. His last appt 2 weeks ago I asked about this and my doc said he was fine. But lately he has started sticking his hand down the back of his diaper to scratch his best friend said that her niece did that (dig at the butt) and it turned out that she had worms! Is he just scratching his @ss?? He's not "digging for gold" or anything, but he keeps sticking his hand down the back of his pants...or finding a way up his onesie....even if his doc says he's ok.....has anyone else worried about this? Or is he just maybe discovering his jewels? lol Not a laughing matter, I know, but please, any help with humor is always acceptable....

My second question is,


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Toni - posted on 05/05/2009




It wouldn't hurt to just ask the doctor for the worm medicine. You can get liquid form for young kids. It's very distressing (maybe more for girls, I don't know) if they get it bad. My daughter has had them a couple of times and my doctor told me it's extremely common and that most kids have worms that no one knows about. She said that she treats her whole family every 3 months whether they're showing symptoms or not. So if it's good enough for her it's good enough for me.

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