Can ADHA lead to my child being worryingly withdrawn at school

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My son (aged 6) has always been over quiet and withdrawn at school. Yet at home he is angry, aggressive, says and does inappropriate things and is over talkative. I recently attended a speech therapy session with my son, after spending time the speech therapist she asked if he was always this hyperactive. I informed her that he was like it all of the time when he was with me and other members of the family and that I had taken him to the doctors before because of his behavior but the doctor had just said he could see his behavior was challenging but the school would pick up on it if it was a problem and would refer my son to him. I also told the speech therapist that he was the total opposite at school so much so that he was worriedly withdrawn at school. The speech therapist found it hard to believe that my son could sit still and not talk at school and asked me to speak to the school again. She also asked if I would mind if she referred him to a specialist, of which I openly agreed to. I then returned to the school to report the conversation between me and the speech therapist to his teacher. The school has always found it hard to believe what I told them about my sons behavior at home and I have always thought that it must be something I am doing wrong at home, that his behavior is my fault. After reporting to his teacher she said that hyperactivity could be the reason as to why he is withdrawn at school and that it maybe because he can't be himself and has to contain himself all day at school so when he gets home to me he is double trouble. Has anyone else been through the same thing? He doesn't make friends well at school (doesn't seem to fit in) and is an underachiever who lacks self esteem. Yet at home he hits, kicks, gets angry verbally and physically over nothing most of the time and there is no calming him down or compromising with him. It is like he's two different kids both personalities are worrying and extreme. Also he has always had obsessions with certain toys, (Thomas the tank engine) he won't consider playing with any other toys. I have two older children who have no problems. Can anyone relate to this? I want to help my boy


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