Can amblyopia be cured?

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My daughter was born with squint eye. She had a corrective surgery when she was 1. After surgery her squint persisted, after further test we discovered she had developed amblyopia in her left eye. She was given levadopa therapy and since then we are patching her right eye. Initially it was for 24 hrs, then after an year 8 hours and then 6 hrs and now 4 hrs. She is now 9 year old. She is using glasses. Still we are struggling with her vision. She is doing very good in studies but very slow while writing and reading. Please advice what we can do further. Is it curable?


Jane - posted on 01/18/2012




Yes, it is generally curable or at least improvable. However, the older the child the longer it will take. The main treatment for amblyopia is occlusion therapy, which is the patch over the good eye to force the bad eye to improve. This works best when the child is very young, say 6 months old.

Sometimes kids don't leave the patch on so it doesn't work well. In those cases sometimes the eye doctor will try eye drops in the stronger eye. The eye drops will dilate the pupil and cause blurred vision in the stronger eye blocking it from working and forcing the bad eye to improve, just as the patch would. This goes on for somewhere around 6 months and is called "penalization therapy."

The most recent advance in therapy for amblyopia is what you are currently doing. It involves L-dopa, combined with part time occlusion of the dominant eye. It won't result in perfect vision, but it should improve her vision by a third. It is generally used when occlusion therapy alone hasn't worked.

You might talk to her eye doctors about eye exercises as well as the current treatment. Eye exercises are controversial (so be aware the doctor might get huffy) but they certainly couldn't hurt.

You might also make sure that whatever caused her amblyopia in the beginning was resolved with the surgery. It may turn out there is something more that needs to be done.

You can also talk to the doctor and then to the school about things you can do to make reading and writing easier, such as magnifiers, better lighting, larger print, or other adaptations.

And finally, you might consider having her tested for learning disabilities. Just because she has amblyopia unfortunately does not mean that she can't have something else going on.


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Kavi - posted on 01/18/2012




Thanks Jane !! for all the information ....and for the advise of getting her tested for learning disability. I thought it was all due to lazy eye.Thanks !! i ll consult this with doctor.

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