can an ultrasound be done wrong?

Ashley - posted on 07/16/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




i went to the docs today to get an ultrasound done, i'm 38 weeks 2 days, with gestational diabetes. so i'm more then sure i have an over average baby (big). well the girl that took my ultra sound seemed way to gentle to me. i have had 3 ones before this, all saying DD was between the 25 and 29Th of July. is it possible that if she being to gentle as she was could get a very bad reading....she couldn't find my sons feet, which she did not check the left side of my stomach at all, only the right cause that's where the babys stomach and butt was. she read my baby at 33 weeks! thats 5 weeks diff and only 4 lbs???

i went in because i have been very uncomfortable for the past few weeks and was hoping to get my labor induced on my 39th week. I've been on a very stick diet of all meat! cause everything else makes my blood sugar skyrocket! this is messing my stomach up and causing me to have problems going to the bathroom, and I was told too that i might have to have a c/s this is my first child, i really dont want a c/s and would love to avoid it at all cost.

my concern is, sense she read everything totaly wrong and we still dont know the actualy weight of the baby, i dont think the doc will let me induce labor. and i might end up having to get the c/s anyways, even worse i might have to be on an all meat diet for the next 2-3 weeks, its already been that long if not longer.


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Ashley - posted on 07/17/2012




yes i had an ultrasound done when i first became prego cause i had unregular periods they wanted to make sure how far i was, my first ultrasound was at 6 weeks 5 days making DD july 29th. my second was at 12 weeks cause i started bleeding for no reason DD was now july 27th. and my third at 20 weeks DD now july 25th. so doc wasnt concerned on that.

the girl that did my last ultrasound couldnt find his feet cause they where on my left side (she didnt check my left side at all cause baby was mostly on my right) which i didnt understand why she wouldnt check.

i drink lots of water everyday, its mainly what i drink, and i'm still constipated! my doc sent me to get the ultrasound cause she was concerned that he might be 12+lbs in which she would have to do a c/s, why i asked for possible induction.

i'm worried that sense the girl was incompetent and really didn't seem to know what she was doing with the ultrasound the doc will disagree! i had it scheduled for induction on Monday, i go to see the doc that is on duty for Monday about induction.

i have tried eating salad! and even that makes my blood sugar go to around 170! so yes even green leaf like letuse is bad.

btw i have already lost over 17 pounds sense i found out i was prego, i dont feel that is to healthy either while being prego

Jodi - posted on 07/17/2012




OK, just a tip. You will NEVER know the actual weight of your baby until it is born. They guess the weight using certain measurements, they don't actually know what the weight is. They told me my daughter would be 7lb, and she was only 5lb 2oz, way off. They were also second guessing my due date, but she came naturally right on time. So they sure can get it wrong at this point.

As Maren said, scans are most accurate in the first trimester. Did you have one done then?

Green leafy, non-starchy vegetables are sending your blood sugar skyrocketing? That's concerning. Have you talked to your doctor about that?

Maren - posted on 07/17/2012




Your doc should not be changing your due date at this time. The most accuracy as far as dating and size are in the 1st trimester. That is when there is a more standard growth rate that does not change much from one pregnancy to the next. After that each fetus grows at different rates. I would hope that if your doc is concerned with the size he would want to induce as it appears baby is not thriving in utro so getting the baby out would be best healthwise for you and baby.
Make sure you bring up all your concerns with your doc and if he is only wanting to go with dating on this ultrasound insist on getting a new one with a different technician.

Louise - posted on 07/17/2012




Lots of questions here. An all meat diet will give you constipation so you need to drink at least 2 litres of water every day which is a lot. Yes an ultra sound can be wrong weight wise mine was, my daughter was a big baby and al of a sudden with a 35 week measurement she weighed less that two weeks before by a couple of pounds. I had them do it again the next day because this was worrying news. My daughter was born 5 weeks early and weighed 9lbs 3 oz! The scan 3 days before measured her at 6lbs!

If your son had no feet then this would of been picked up at 12 weeks scan! Feet do not disappear! Ask for another scan to be done,

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