Can any one help me with teaching my child to identify his ABC's?


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Jolene - posted on 01/22/2010




Play games! play play play.
At my day care (ages 0-5) we have many different ways. Flash cards, magnets that tell you what letter they are, things that you have to match upper to lower case, I put them all in order and hide one under a piece of paper or turn it upside down, then they have to tell me which one is missing, they have to tell me what letter makes this sound, what letter starts the word Dog, I say the letter and they have to tell me the sound it makes.
If you are starting at square one though the easiest thing is to start with the letters in their name, then family members, pets, favorite animals etc.

Debbie - posted on 01/20/2010




Refrigerator Alphabet son was 18 months and played with them and learned recognition......and every day we would have an "alphabet star of the day"......he's 25 now.

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they have foam bath letter that are the abc's an 123's my son is 21 months an loves them, an depending on how old your child is it will help with colors to

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Read ABC books. You can go to the library and check out a variety. You can also buy foam letters for the bathtub. They stick to the wall when they are wet. I threw them in the bathtub each night and my son and I would search for the letters as we placed alphabetically on the wall. I also bought magnetic letters for the refrigerator and several learning games by VTech and Leap Frog. Letter Factory by Leap Frog is an awesome video! It taught my son the phonetic sound each letter makes.

Tedra - posted on 01/20/2010




My son is too young for this yet, but my nephew learned his letters by having those sponge letters in his bath. My sis-in-law hadn't even realized what was going on when she would say the letter every time they put it in the bath, until Micah started saying the letter first. They started with his name then went from there. Also, they use those magnetic letters on the fridge. Good luck and have fun!

Ganesa - posted on 01/20/2010




Make sure it's fun. Don't pressure him/her and get upset or annoyed. You don't say how old your child is so it's hard to say what would work other than that. :)

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