Can anyone give me advice on sleeping problems?

Jessica Bennett - - posted on 12/21/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




My son (21 months) and I were in a wreck about two weeks ago. He was falling asleep in his car seat when we were hit from behind in line at a stop light. He screamed... A scream I had never heard before and I thought he had been hurt so I immediately jump out if my car to check on him. After driving to a safe place to exchange our info they send paramedics to check my son on. At the time the medics got there he was watching his tv in his car seat, while we spoke with the police. The medics said he seemed fine & was paying attention to the tv so they didnt want to mess with him and they left, well once I was finished with the police I was told I could leave, took my baby home to let him rest, he cried and screamed when I tried putting him down for his nap! He wouldn't even lay down unless I laid with him... This is not like him at all he NEVER cries himself to sleep at nap time. Now two weeks later he wakes up crying EVERY nap, he cries every time I lay him down for his nap! I have had him checked out from his dr and she said he was not hurt in any way... But now I wonder if him not sleeping well is bc of the wreck. If its traumatized him that much! Even at bedtime he cries no matter how early or late you put him in bed he cries... And the next more hes usually crying when he wakes up! I'm at a loss of what to do, he use to sleep just fine... Now it's like he literally hates going to sleep :( Any advice or ideas of what this is? Is it a faze or something?!?! Or is it possibly bc of the wreck?

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