Can anyone help

Kelly - posted on 07/03/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




My son is coming up 3 years old he dose not speak he avoids eye contact he does not like being touch he has no sense of danger he seems to not notice when he gets hurt he has major tantrums at the slightest thing he is now smashing he's room up on a daily basis ... He on on waiting list to have speech therophy but hosp don't think it's nessersary at this point to see him.
I am at my whits end and do not no what to do anymore as he is dangerous to take out ( he constantly runs in roads won't hold my hand if he goes in pram tips himself out and reins make it so much worse he lays on floor trying to get then off) does anythink he does sound like bad terrible twos or possibly somthink more ... Not sure if this helps he was 3 months prem also had cardiac arest at 4 weeks old and acid reflux x

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