Can anyone relate? Do you have any feedback?

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Hi, This is my first time ever seeking help for my Autistic daughter. She is 14 and I am going through the same thing that you are. She can be so sweet most of the time, but she has some major behavior problems. I am with her 24/7. She doesn't attend school cause they say they can't handle her. She started school 2 weeks after she turned 4 and after the adjustment period she did very well. After 7 years in that school she graduated out to a new school and that's when the real problems began. Hannah is a big girl. At 5'4" and 220lbs, when she has her meltdowns, me being disabled, it's sometimes better to give her, her way. She is not really physical with me but the high pitched screaming is like fingernails on a chalk board.She also uses horrible curse words. She has no filter when it comes to saying exactly whats on her mind. It can be somewhat of uncomfortable situation when she interacts with people. Sometimes I have to keep from laughing, so not to upset anyone who doesn't understand autism. She is not on any medication, because she was when he was 5 and had a bad reaction to it and it scared me to put hwer on anything else. I don't have a support system (family or friends) to give me a break or offer good advice. My mother doesn't like or understand Hannah. She says that when she starts screaming ,I should just slap her in the mouth. She thinks just because she watches Dr. Phil that she knows so much about Autism. She has never even spent any real time with her, but she has all the answers. Lol. Beings that I am disabled it is hard for me to get out sometimes. I do take her to the movies to see what she likes to see, but she has no friends of her own. She does have 2 older brothers and 1 older sister , but being young adults they are caught up in their own lives. Her father is in the home, but she doesn't want anything to do with him and she makes that very clear everyday, several times a day. It breaks my heart the way she treats him. I try talking to her, begging her and than threaten to take her computer out of her room, and that will usually calm things down some.The reason she doesn't like her father is because her sister rebelled against some of his rules and Hannah picks up on her anger. She looks up to her sister so much as they are only 2 years apart.

I sometimes fell like I am going to loose my mind. When I say 24/7, I mean I never get time to myself except when she is in her room on the computer. When I go anywhere she is always with me , not wanting to stay with her father. If I sneak out, I usually get a phone call to come home within a half an hour. I struggle not only with physical pain but also depression and I feel so guilty at times, wishing I could do more with her or I feel I not a good enough mother, although the people who do know me say that, I'm a great mother and they don't know how I do it. I truly believe the Hannah is a gift from God. Sometimes she is the only one how keeps me here on earth. I do suffer from depression, but would never do anything that would hurt my children. When the depression comes on, I tell myself "I could never leave Hannah" She is my entire world. My best friend and my shinning star.

I am taking her to a new doctor to see what help is available to her. I know I need to make some major changes in my life and hers. Does anyone have any suggestions about medications or information regarding help with her behavior. Books , movies, Blogs anything? I am truly greatefull that I have God in my life. I can't imagine where I would be without Him. Thank you for reading my story and feedback is very welcomed. Sincerely, Karen


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Please don't seek medical advice on line. Take her to her doctor to get the help you need. It also sounds like you may need a support group to go to, and maybe your new doctor can suggest people, and places to go. There is so much going on with you and your daughter. Lots of luck.

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