Can baby have thrush only on roof of mouth? Using nystatin?

Mary - posted on 09/29/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi Everyone,

For a few weeks now my usually happy bouncing baby boy have been super fussy. He had a stuffy nose and was crying during some feeds. I use saline drops once a day and have a humidifier to help clear the nose. I took him to two different doctors - three times and the docs made me feel stilly for bringing him in. I noticed that the roof of his mouth had a white coating. I thought it maybe thrush but my Dh convinced me that thrust looks like sores would be present on the tongue. Baby boy was getting more fussy and I took him to the doctor again - and again doc was acting like I was insane b.c his weight gain was good. I insisted that the doc look in his mouth. At first he dismissed it . Then as I was placing my sone in his car seat, he began to cry and the doc had a clear view of his mouth and said "Oh that's definitely thrush." The doc is not my usual family doc and he was sort of rude - he prescribed DS nystatin and wasn't gong to prescribe me anything! I was under the impression that both baby and mom need to be treated. I insisted he give him something as well - and he prescribed the nystatin cream for me. Didn't give any instruction on the cream. So my question is: could he possibly have misdiagnosed DS? Honestly the doc din't seem very knowledgeable and even looked up the side effects of nystatin on his iphone in front of me. Only the roof of his mouth had a white coating, no coating on the tongue or gums/checks? and also should I be wiping off the nystatin cream before I feed DS? and Finally, does nystatin cause baby's urine to become more smelly? I noticed a distinct smell from DS urine after starting the treatment. His urine also looked more yellow whereas before it was clear.


Katherine - posted on 09/30/2012




Yes, you can get a yeast infection anywhere on the body. As for the Nystatin and smelly urine, I'm not sure. You can always google it.

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