can he really take her from me ?

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Hello Im curently in a relationship been with him for 3 years just moved from another state to be with him after having our daughter I didnt move in with him I have my own place been in this new state for almost a year now but just in Oct I found out that he was chatting with a female on FB and the meet like 4 or 5 times they both said they didnt do anything not even kissed I decided to give him another chance he has his own business and is always busy I work 2nd shift so we dont get to see each other a lot like I thought it would be once I moved up here but what I wanted to know is that everytime we have a arguement and I say I dont want to be with him no more he always threatens to take our daughter and that what keeps me from leaving him ever chance he gets he disrespects me with his words always makes me feel down Im not at all happy with him but stay just so that I dont have to fight with him about taking our daughter I suffer from depression and he always tells me a judge is not gonna let me have my daughter cuz of it Im really confused dont know what to do I have no one here where I moved to and just recently sold my car and been using his I feel so stuck in a rut please help


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I highly doubt it. You can check the laws in your current state, and talk to a family lawyer. You can have a free consultation over the phone, and explain your situation. They can help. Also, do you have any family that you can move back to? Hopefully family can help you out. If they know he treats you poorly.

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