Can i add a little water to pedialyte cuz otherwise he won't drink it?

Renee - posted on 01/07/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Can someone PLEASE help me…my son will be 3 yrs old on 4/13. He has come down with what seems to be some kind of stomach virus. It started yesterday when he couldn't hold nothing down. Everything i gave him he threw up from water to cereal to milk ect. So i went out n got some pedialyte witch he drank yesterday with no problem. But today he won't drink it. He seems to have realized its not water n since then hasn't wanted no part of it n keeps asking me for milk. I am not even gonna bother with the flavored ones because i kno he won't drink them. He drinks milk, and water. thats all he ever want. no juice, soda nothing. he LOVES milk n water. Anyway i really need him to get the pedialyte into him cuz today he has had bad diarrhea all day. completely watery. And he is now able to hold down his pediasure milk without vomiting it back up but its running right threw him to diarrhea. So like i said i really need to get him to drink some pedialyte. My question is…CAN I ADD SOME WATER TO IT? I have done it n he will drink it if i add water to it. But i wanna kno if it still helps like that or am i defeating the whole purpose??? Also if he is happy drinking his pediasure milk should i allow him to drink it cuz its got so many vitamins n calories that he needs since he won't eat?? or is that just as bad on his stomach as him drinking reg milk? so again….Can i add water to the pedialyte so he will drink it?? and can he continue drinking his pediasure milk?


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Yes, you can add water to Pedialyte and it's especialy important to keep him hydrated while he's going through this bout of diarrhea because he's losing water. Pedialyte is a way of delivering the lost water and electrolytes from his body.

Electrolytes are a number of chemicals - for the body, they are sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphate, and hydrogen carbonate. When dissolved in a liquid like water or our blood, they have an electrical charge (positive or negative) and it's what allows nerve and muscle function.

The reason why electrolyte drinks are so salty is to encourage your body to retain liquids as it is always trying to maintain a balance between salt/sodium and water. If there's already a balance and you just drink water, it'll just flush it out.

As for the expiration dates, etc, anything regulated by the FDA is required to have an expiration date. They say you should dump it 48 hours after you open it but really, you can drink it for a while after opening and still get the benefits. The concern is that foreign bacteria may have entered the bottle after opening.

But if he's drinking Pediasure, you can try to get him to drink the Pedialyte by watering it down but he should be getting the lost water from the Pediasure.

Vanessa - posted on 01/07/2013




yes you can add water :) just space it all out at regular intervals and take him to the Dr soon if it doesn't clear up


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