can I be pregnant?

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I had intercourse on the 16th of march and was supposed to start my period on the 21st I didn't start and I am now 3 days late I have been getting mild cramps but still no period I also have been getting head aches and have had some weird cravings. Just to make things clear we did have intercourse also on the 1st. But he did not cum inside of me.


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You could definately be pregnant. First step, take a pregnancy test. Use the first urine of the morning since that will be the highest with pregnancy hormones. Then, call your doctor and set up an appointment.

Raye - posted on 03/25/2015




I agree with the others. Any time you have unprotected intercourse, you could get pregnant. Pull-out method is not 100% effective. Typically women ovulate about 2 weeks before their period, but each woman is different, and the same woman can ovulate at different times depending on how much stress they have, or other factors. So, as we've all said, it could happen at any time... even some women who have sex during their period have gotten pregnant.

It might be too early for the pee stick to detect the pregnancy hormones in your system. Wait a week, take another home test using your first pee of the day see what is says. Or got to the doctor for a blood test.

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We really don't know if you are pregnant or not. Everytime you have unprotected sex there is a chance you can get pregnant. Even if he doesn't ejaculate inside you. Like Sarah said, pre-ejaculation can also get you pregnant.
You can now either take a pregnancy test or go to the doctor for a blood test.
If you are not wanting to start a family you should consider using birth control.


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I am ready for a family financially and physically and so is my fiancé we just were seeing what other people thought sense I took two pregnancy tests and both came up negative. The reason why I said what she said was ride was because she put the" uh, " in there which is usually used as a rude remark.

Jodi - posted on 03/24/2015




Nikki, I'm not sure why you think Sarah was being rude. She was just being truthful. If you have been having sex and not been using birth control, of course you could be pregnant. It's logical. Take a test. Other than that, I don't quite know what advice you were after.

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we have been together for three years and I have never once used any birth control or anything he came in me on the 16th.. you don't have to be rude. . :\ I was just curious

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