can i charge my daughters dad with kidnapping...he is not on one of the birth certificates and we have never been to court for chid support or anthing with her and for my other daughter we have been to court for child support nd he has his visitation rights. ok so he took my girls and decided not to bring them home so i figured if i can press charges for kidnapping one of my girls then i can get my other daughter back as well but can i do that?


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Dove - posted on 11/30/2012




If he's not on the birth certificate and you have no legal documentation whatsoever stating that he is the father and no court order for custody and visitation... I'm pretty sure you can charge him w/ kidnapping if you want to go that far.

For the child that you have a court order for... If he has her when the court order states that she is to be w/ you.... you can take the court order to the police and they can help you get her back.

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Probably not kidnapping, but if he violated the court ordered terms of your visitation agreement by keeping the girls longer than his allowed visitation, you can have him charged with contempt of a court order.

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