Can I get emergency custody of my daughter bcuz her father has a warra

Julia - posted on 06/23/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




My was taken to Florida on 3/13/15 to her paternal Grandfathers. Cps came out mainly due to the fathers drug abuse. They asked if I wanted in home services, and I said yes because I thought it would help my ex-fiancée straighten up. However after I had 6 clean urines I made a big mistake and came up dirty for opiates. She remained in my home and I continued to come up clean except on one more for alcohol. I get tested every month. The last dirty urine I had was taken on 2/6/15. D.S.S. took my daughter out of my home on 2/23/15 saying I allegedly broke a safety plan by not have a supervisee present. She was placed here in Maryland with her paternal Aunt. Then on 3/13/15 I got a text saying we had a emergency family meeting at the court house. When I got there they told me she was going to live with her paternal Grandfather in Florida and there was nothing I could do about it. Since then I have done everything asked of me such as staying clean, completed parenting classes and seeing a therapist at least biweekly because I do work a lot. On 5/10/15 I even drove down to Florida to get my daughter due to what lawyers, and people at the family help center at court said to do. However because I did not have papers saying I had custody they let her stay with the paternal grandfather. There is no open C.P.S. case anywhere and no one has custody of my daughter. The father is on the run from the law with an open warrant. I had my daughter from birth until her 3rd birthday and I need her back. Please help. They say its up to the paternal Grandfather to give her back but I could be a saint and he would not give her back which is odd because up until she moved with him he had only seen her4 or 5 time ever. A peace of me is missing. My father was going to help me with a lawyer but then he found out he had prostate cancer and would be out of work for 2 months. I lost my mom when I was 16 and my brother when was 20 and now her not I haven't seen my baby in 3 months but it feels like its been a year. My question is do you think the courts will grant me emergency custody? I have a mediation date 8/5/15 but is there anyway to get her back sooner?

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